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For more information on the grants that we accept, contact our team today!


At Advance solar we accept a range of different types of grants for your PV Solar panel installations. These include the TAMS Grant, SEAI Grant, Electrical Vehicle Grant and Solar PV Grant. See more information about each of the grants that we accept below.


For more information on how you can use your grant at Advance Solar, contact our team today!


TAMS grant

The TAMS grant is a government initiative in Ireland to support farmers with financial assistance for farm development projects. Administered by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, this grant helps farmers upgrade buildings, purchase equipment, and adopt new technologies.


The TAMS grant promotes sustainability, efficiency, and animal welfare standards in the agricultural sector. It offers various categories and measures tailored to specific farming needs, enabling eligible farmers to invest and drive positive change in their agricultural practices.

Electric Vehicle Grant

The electric vehicle grant in Ireland is a financial incentive program that encourages the purchase of electric vehicles. It supports individuals and businesses financially, making EVs more affordable and accessible. The goal is to promote cleaner transportation and reduce emissions for a greener future. This grant contributes to a sustainable and environmentally friendly transport sector.

SEAI grant

The SEAI grant, provided by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, offers financial support for energy upgrades and renewable energy installations. It encourages the adoption of sustainable energy solutions by covering insulation, heating system upgrades, solar panel installations, and energy-efficient lighting.


This grant enables homeowners and businesses to reduce energy consumption, lower their carbon footprint, and enjoy cost savings while contributing to a more sustainable future.


Contact our team today for more information on how you can use grants to receive solar PV solutions!

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